Enchant x Barley Juice
Enchant x Barley Juice
Enchant x Barley Juice

Enchant x Barley Juice

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Barley Grass is naturally high in many key nutrients that help to support the immune system, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. It is extremely high in vitamin C which is crucial to the overall health of the body in its efforts to fight off infections – both bacterial and viral.

Daily intake of barley juice can work as a natural remedy for urinary tract infections, cysts and kidney stones. Barley juice is a natural diuretic and can help in treating several chronic diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes,Heart Problems,Colon Problem and a lot more.

FDA Approved and Superbrands Registered

FDA Approved
Australian Certified Organic
HALAL Certified

Start a much healthier & beautiful you today! 



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